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What sets us apart

Timid or Non-swimmers Welcome

Worried that your lack of swimming skills will keep you from meeting a dolphin? DON'T BE!!! Our Dolphin Encounter program takes place in shallow water where you will stand on a platform. The dolphins will swim up and over the platform where you can meet them one-on-one. We want you to feel comfortable and to enjoy the program as well. We welcome all timid and non-swimmers and encourage you to make your dolphin dream come true.

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Dolphin Encounters FAQs - Location and Facilities

Where is Blue Lagoon Island located?
Blue Lagoon Island is located 3 miles northeast of Paradise Island. The island is approximately three miles long and features a gorgeous natural lagoon near the eastern end where our dolphin facility is located. The beach scenes in the movie "Splash" were filmed on Blue Lagoon.

Is Blue Lagoon and Salt Cay the same island?
Yes. Blue Lagoon Island's official name is actually Salt Cay.

Are there lockers, changing areas and showers on the island?
Yes. We offer lockers free of charge to all of our guests. We also have indoor and outdoor showers.

Are there food and beverages available on the island?
Yes. We have a snack shop on the island which sells sandwiches, salads, water, sodas, chips, fruit, etc.

Do you sell souvenirs?
Yes, we have a well-stocked gift shop which sells Dolphin Encounters logo apparel, T-shirts, books, jewelry, toys, etc.

Do you sell photos and videos?
Our onsite state-of-the-art photo/video lab sells great personalized pictures of your interactions with the dolphins. They come in a variety of styles ranging from key chains and refrigerator magnets to complete photo albums. We also sell videos and DVDs of your Encounter or Swim program, which includes a pre-recorded section with highlights of Paradise Island, Nassau/Bay Street, and Blue Lagoon Island. International video conversion is available.

All rates are subject to change, at any time, to include additional taxes and fees as demanded legally by the Government of The Bahamas.

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