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Boat Ride Offers the Opportunity to See Nassau's Harbour and Other Islands

You get the opportunity to have a boat ride on our large, high-speed, double-decker catamarans through Nassau's historic harbour over to Blue Lagoon Island. The scenic ride includes great views of Nassau, Paradise Island and best yet an unspoiled private island far away from hotels or other buildings.

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Sea Lion Family Meet The Sealions
Sea Lion Family Tree

Murray – DOB 5/30/88 – Male sea lion Murray

When looking over the sea lion habitat, Murray is easily recognized. He is the only adult male and is the largest animal in the exhibit. He weighs between 400 and 500 pounds, with his heaviest weight being between May and August, which is sea lion breeding season. He is almost black in coloration. Don’t let the size fool you—deep down Murray has the heart of a teddy bear. He is a gentle giant and loves interactions with people. Before he moved to Dolphin Encounters, he had never been housed with female sea lions before. Now you can almost see the smile on his face as he surveys his “harem” of four! Murray is also a film star with a role in “Slappy and the Stinkers and a Reynolds Wrap commercial. Murray’s favorite treat in the whole world is ice—in fact we use it as an equal reinforcer to fish during his sessions.

Kalika – DOB 6/30/91 – Female sea lion Kalika

Kalika is the largest adult female at Dolphin Encounters. She is light brown in color and her hair is actually golden when she is dry and fuzzy. She is the most energetic of all the sea lions and never wants to do anything at other than full speed. Her encounter training presented us with the biggest challenge of just slowing her down. Kalika also starred in the movie “Andre” and in a Reynolds Wrap commercial. Kalika loves to learn new things and you can tell when she is concentrating really hard to get a behavior correct as her whiskers will be sticking straight out. She has learned to love her ocean habitat and many times can be seen swimming along the surface of the water with her mouth open, snacking on the schools of small fish that inhabit the exhibit.

PJ – DOB 6/17/93 – Female sea lion PJ

PJ is the bravest of the females when it comes to being introduced to anything new. Much of this is due to her film career and all that it exposed her to. She worked on a Reynolds Wrap commercial when she was barely a year old and had a cameo role as Baby Andre in the movie “Andre.” She actually traveled to Hawaii for the movie’s premier opening and did over 50 on camera “interviews” with press covering the event. She starred in a local Mississippi kid’s show called “Kaleidoscope Kids.” Her major movie role was as the main star of “Slappy and the Stinkers.” Whether it be a photo shoot, meet and greet or Sea Lion Encounter, PJ always is there and wants to be the star. When she has to wait her turn, she will tap her flippers, snort or generally fidget until allowed to interact. Her best friend is Maggie and they usually are seen together, whether swimming, sleeping or lounging.

Xena – DOB 6/6/97 – Female sea lion Xena

Xena’s coloration is very unique. Her coat is a brindle color and her long whiskers are white and brown. She is an extremely intelligent animal that can learn new behaviors very quickly. The training staff works hard to keep her mentally challenged. Xena is the 2nd largest adult female but is only 1 year older than Maggie, the youngest. She is currently in training for photo sessions, but should begin her encounter training in the fall after breeding season. Xena is very independent. Though she will associate with the other females at times, she spends a lot of her time swimming by herself. Her closest pool-mate is Kalika.

Magnolia (aka Maggie) – DOB 6/8/98 – Female sea lion Magnolia aka Maggie

Maggie is the youngest and smallest adult female at Dolphin Encounters. She loves to play and has a very vivid imagination. When the other animals are not playing with her, she invents what we call “Maggie’s Monsters.” She will begin swimming quickly around the exhibit, porpoising and flipping. Then she jumps on the dock with loud vocals and looks in the water like something is chasing her. All the others usually ignore her at this time, but she is completely entertaining herself. Maggie has huge brown eyes that she turns on her trainers whenever she wants attention. It is very hard to ignore her when she runs up to you and bats those eyes. Her best friend is her pool-mate PJ, and she delights in following her everywhere, even when not asked to do so.

Milo – DOB 6/23/08 – Male sea lion Magnolia aka Maggie

At one year of age, Milo is very talented and a quick learner and as with most young animals, he loves his play time the most. He takes great delight in endlessly pestering the adult sea lions and also chasing the fish that naturally live in the lagoon. His favourite toy is an orange ball with the handle called a hippity hop.

Milo is named after the first Bahamian Governor General of the Bahamas, Sir Milo Butler. Being the first California sea lion born in the Bahamas appears to have gone to his head a little. At session times he seems to think that he should be called first, get to eat first, and finish first so that not only does he get his ice but a little bit everybody else’s!

Though only seventy pounds now, Milo believes he is bigger than his father Murray and has all the comical antics of his mother Maggie (Magnolia) as well as her big innocent eyes. Normally you will hear Milo before you see him as he makes it clear that he is a part of the family. Like all toddlers though, he’s been known to have the occasional temper tantrum when he doesn't get his way.

Milo is the much loved youngest member of our sea lion family and his boundless energy, natural curiousity and playful antics delight our animal training staff and guests alike.

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All rates are subject to change, at any time, to include additional taxes and fees as demanded legally by the Government of The Bahamas.

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