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What sets us apart

Beautiful Scenic Boat Ride

We know that not all of our guests are big boaters and a few may worry about the size of the vessels or the length of the trip. Relax! Our catamarans are large, double-decker vessels that can each carry well over 100 passengers. Each boat has a captain and two mates, is equipped with life vests and is fully licensed and inspected. The ride is approximately 20-minutes and you never lose sight of land or venture far out to sea. Sit back, relax and enjoy as we cruise through Nassau's harbour, past Paradise Island and over to Blue Lagoon Island. The boat ride is very picturesque and worth the trip!

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Pictures of the Bahamas Wildlife from Photo & Video Services at Dolphin Encounters
Dolphin Encounters Photo and Video Services

IslandProfessional quality digital pictures will be taken of you and all members of your party with the animals at the beginning of each of our interactive programs. Additional candid shots will be taken during the program and made available for viewing in the Photo Display Area after your program ends. You will then be able to order reprints, packages, or any of a variety of souvenirs including: magnets, key chains, calendars and a variety of framed and unframed photo sizes. CDs with your digital photos are also available.

Professional Video Services

Our videographers will be recording your program. As the animals interact with each guest in the water, the video staff will be capturing your excitement and even a few surprises that the trainers always sneak in. The DVD also includes plenty of exciting bonus footage giving you an educational look at how we train our animals, a lesson in marine mammal history as well as a tour of Nassau's historical sites, such as the Straw Market and the Queen's Staircase. Aerial views of Blue Lagoon Island are also included on the DVD.

Taking Your Own Photos

  • If you are participating in the Encounter, you may take personal photos and videos during your program.
  • If you are participating in the Swim, you will be getting into the water almost immediately. During the second half of your program you may take your own photos on the platform.
  • In both programs, the animals WILL BE splashing and cameras are brought down on the platforms at your own risk.
  • We encourage you to bring a towel down to protect your equipment if it is not waterproof. Dolphin Encounters is NOT responsible for any damages to personal camera or video equipment.
  • Waterproof cameras can be taken into the water in either program.
  • Video cameras are not allowed in the water in order to ensure that guests listen to the trainer's instructions.
  • If you are an Observer, you are allowed to take personal photos and videos from the dock areas. However, Observers are not allowed on the platforms or ramps at any time.

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All rates are subject to change, at any time, to include additional taxes and fees as demanded legally by the Government of The Bahamas.

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