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Beautiful Scenic Boat Ride

We know that not all of our guests are big boaters and a few may worry about the size of the vessels or the length of the trip. Relax! Our catamarans are large, double-decker vessels that can each carry well over 100 passengers. Each boat has a captain and two mates, is equipped with life vests and is fully licensed and inspected. The ride is approximately 20-minutes and you never lose sight of land or venture far out to sea. Sit back, relax and enjoy as we cruise through Nassau's harbour, past Paradise Island and over to Blue Lagoon Island. The boat ride is very picturesque and worth the trip!

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Things to Do in Nassau Bahamas on Valentine’s Day – Dolphin Encounters
Dolphin Encounter's News

Valentines Day in the Bahamas? Get Engaged or Married at Blue Lagoon Island



Something old, something new, something borrowed, something wet? Hungarian couple Jan and Charlene Both realized their wedding day dream by exchanging their vows in the sparkling waters of Blue Lagoon Island, a great thing for couples to do on Valentine’s Day in Nassau Bahamas, with their witnesses, Jake and Fatman - two of Dolphin Encounters' dolphins - looking on adoringly.

"From the beginning we knew that we wanted dolphins to be a part of our wedding. It was just a matter of finding the perfect place to do it. We looked everywhere. We searched the Internet for so many places. Then we found Dolphin Encounters and it was just perfect -everything we wanted," said Mrs. Both.

The couple flew over 5,000 miles from the Netherlands to exchange wedding vows in the Bahamas, leaving family and friends behind as they escaped to paradise.

Many people may think it strange to get married with dolphins, but the truth is dolphin weddings are what anyone would wish for their day- it is special, beautiful, meaningful, at times tearfully joyful and always, always fun!," said Latoya Rolle, Wedding Coordinator at Dolphin Encounters in the Bahamas. "Dolphin Encounters has literally given thousands of people the chance to make their dreams come true by swimming and interacting with dolphins. When we started receiving requests for weddings we didn't hesitate to provide this special service - it was really a natural extension of what we do everyday for so many."

The unique wedding day started with a scenic boat ride from Paradise Island to Blue Lagoon Island, where you can swim with dolphins. Once on the island, the couple were greeted by Dolphin Encounters staff and escorted to their secluded gazebo swim area, which was adorned with colourful tropical flowers and white decorations. As they descended in the water and began the ceremony, Jake (one of the male dolphins) brought their wedding bands over as they silently exchanged vows. After the minister pronounced the couple man and wife, the pair and the dolphins kissed in unison.

Over the years, Dolphin Encounters has helped couples make their dreams come true by arranging their weddings in paradise. Wedding packages include the service of a minister, beautiful decorations on the island and on platforms, catering, a wedding cake, champagne and professional photos and video that capture precious moments. Unlike traditional weddings, dolphin weddings require a few unique changes. For example, florists must provide bouquets that are capable of being taken into the water and sometimes carried by a dolphin, rings must be placed in a waterproof, floatable box (provided by Dolphin Encounters), and there are times when the officiating minister is required to perform the ceremony in the water alongside the dolphins.

Reverend Dr. Jackson Miller of Unforgettable Bahamas Weddings has married hundreds of couples on Blue Lagoon Island. He said the fact that the wedding is performed alongside dolphins does not take away from the beauty and seriousness of the union.

"I myself hope to get married here on Blue Lagoon Island one day. It's truly a wonderful experience. I wish I could sit here and do this all day and marry couples. Being here reminds me of how I imagine heaven is. It's just a peaceful, beautiful, calm paradise," he said.

Deacon Camarie Curties, who assisted Dr. Miller in performing the wedding, said: "Weddings here are just as special if not more so. It's so intimate and private, and hassle-free. You can't beat that."

After their swim program, the newly married couple changed into their traditional wedding attire and Mr. Both reflected on his marriage to his new bride.

"This feels so incredibly good right now. I feel like I'm dreaming. I'm in paradise with my new beautiful bride. It doesn't get better than this. Yesterday morning I was calling her Ms. Klein and today I'm calling her Mrs. Both. I'm looking forward to our lives together," he said.

Mrs. Both called the entire experience "absolutely amazing."

"There were so many things that I loved. This place is breathtaking; words cannot explain. Everything was just wonderful, from the ceremony itself to the swim that we did afterwards, to the organizers who went above and beyond to make our dreams come true."

Ms. Rolle coordinated the Both wedding from the start, and said it was the couple's easygoing personality that made her job easier.

"Charlene and Jan are two of the sweetest people I've ever met. They are both very personable and crazy in love. They made my job very easy, in that they give me their complete blessings to create their very own paradise." she said. "The entire experience with the Boths was wonderful; they filled my heart as I shared in their very special day. The most memorable part of the entire experience has got to be their appreciation for what we do here at Dolphin Encounters. We welcomed them into our family and they're just happy that we took such good care of them."

Dolphin weddings aren't the only way that the dolphins take part in occasions of the heart. Dolphin Encounters is also the perfect backdrop for anyone wanting to pop the question. The company provides engagement services free to guests who participate in one of its programs. The engagement takes place in the water, with the dolphin bringing the ring to the couple, a great thing to do on Valentine’s Day in Nassau, Bahamas.

"It never fails. Most women are expecting their boyfriends to get down on one knee and propose, so they never see it coming. When they realize that they're being proposed to in the water with dolphins, they get teary eyed. It's certainly a great way to start one's future together. It's truly a unique and unforgettable moment," said Annette Dempsey, Assistant Marine Mammal Director at Dolphin Encounters Ltd.

All rates are subject to change, at any time, to include additional taxes and fees as demanded legally by the Government of The Bahamas.

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